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sensory sessions

Sensory sessions are designed to help your baby's social and physical skills in the very early stages of development. Our baby sensory classes will help your little one also meet other children as well as giving them an understanding of the world around them.

Ages 0-13 months 


Our craft sessions encourage children to be creative and use their imagination while also providing a fun and interactive way for them to naturally develop essential life skills. Each session the children will be able to work on projects to bring home with them at the end of the class. We also give the chance for children to express themselves anyway they desire in a safe environment.

Ages 3-12 years



Dance is a way we express ourselves through music and movement. As well as being a form of exercise dance can help children confidence and self belief, individually and in a team. In our dance classes we will towards a routine every 5 weeks, at the end of the 5 week term we will perform to parents and family members at the end of the last class.

Ages 3-12 years

party with sam

Providing partners and children a stress free party plan. Whether it’s a children’s entertainer or face painter you might need we will be able to cater to your specific needs.


To book a party with Sam you will need to book a consultation meeting first to discuss what package you would like

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